James volunteering BeKind

It’s a fear for every parent . The safety of their child. Parents of young daughters especially worry about their children’s safety when they are away from home. One way to help ease that fear is to give your children knowledge about how to defend themselves in a worst case scenario. We recently caught one of our employees volunteering those valuable lessons of self defense to a local Girls Scout troop at Belmont Elementary School.


James Halman offers expert support to both Classic Stereo and Bekins as an Information Technology Specialist. In his free time, James holds a third degree black belt in Combat Hapkido and teaches the martial art to students at his Force Options school in West Michigan.  So it made sense when a co-worker recently asked James to teach her daughter’s troop self defense basics.

The girls not only watched James perform moves with a fellow expert, they also lightly practiced with each other. James focused on how to use an attackers momentum to your advantage and which parts of an attacker are most vulnerable. Not only did the children learn, but the adults also practiced with each other.

All of those moves aside, the best defense from a bad situation is to run away. James also says the best tool a child can use is a whistle.

“I think parents get toned out to their kids screaming and yelling, because they do it when they play too” James says. “I know I ignore it sometimes as a parent myself. So if you hear a kid screaming on the street you may not know that they are in trouble. So I say a whistle draws attention.”

James volunteering BeKind


At Bekins, we support the volunteering efforts of our employees. Our BeKind program not only encourages volunteering, we also donate money to the cause. So Bekins will make a charitable donation to the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore in honor of James.

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