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Classic Stereo Electronics 101: TV Speakers

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Not an electronics expert? No problem! We use our decades of experience to answer the most basic questions. This week in Classic Stereo Electronics 101, Electronics Professional Mike Smith discusses why you should not rely solely on your TV speakers.

Do I need more than my TV speakers?

Televisions come with speakers, so there is no need to get any more…right? Well, do you have trouble hearing conversations on your TV? Do you have to turn it way up?

As televisions continue to get thinner, it leaves less room for quality speakers.

Many TVs place their internal speakers in the back. You’re obviously not sitting behind your TV and it’s most likely just hitting the wall.

If it’s on the bottom of the television, then it may be hitting your TV stand. Again, you’re generally not sitting under your television when you’re watching it.

So to direct the audio to you, it’s best to at least get a soundbar or Playbase. However, more speakers (set up correctly) will give you a better audio experience, and make conversations on your TV easier to hear.

Sonos offers TV speakers that are simple to set up. It's Playbar acts as a soundbar that you can install under your television. It helps direct quality sound to where you are watching.
Sonos offers TV speakers that are simple to set up. It's Playbase acts as an additional stand for your television.


We offer a variety of televisions and speakers. Hear the soundbars connected to our televisions, or test out dozens of speakers in our aptly named Speaker Room!

The best speaker is always the one that sounds best to you. Visit our showroom and find out for yourself.

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