The Oppo Story

Oppo was founded by Herman van den Dungen in 2003. After garnering much success with his CD player in Europe and looking to expand, he forged a relationship with Kevin Deal. Deal, a dynamic, high-end dealer with sufficient capital to import , had the knowledge and experience in tube amplification that Herman was looking for. Herman knew that demand for tube amplifiers was making a comeback, and he positioned Oppo to dominate the expanding market by leveraging the innovative quality of his new generation of tube amps.

Product Lineup

  • Integrated Amps
  • Pre Amps
  • Stereo Amps
  • Monoblock Amps
  • CD Players


  • Adaptive AutoBias – an exclusive circuit that continuously monitors and instantly adjusts tube bias.
  • SoftStart Circuitry – Powers up the Amp gently.
  • Endless Accolades & Reviews & Awards.