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We find customers who are thrilled with their purchases at Classic Stereo tend to think the same way. They view their major electronics as an investment instead of a purchase.


It takes expertise to think long-term about electronics. Technology obviously changes all the time. However, choosing Classic Stereo and Bekins to install your electronics is an investment in your future. Our team can set up your home in a way that makes it easy to install whatever comes next, even if the connection goes into the wall.

We also use our decades of experience to pick only the best products for our showroom. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a new TV, just to have it break within a year.

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Finally, the largest and most experienced technical staff can help you fix issues that may arise. Having trouble with your home automation system? We can help diagnose the problem so you can get it working again.


You can get a pair of headphones for a few dollars that may break within a year. You could also get a pair of headphones from Classic Stereo that we know will produce great sound, look great and can withstand a bunch of use.

We ask, “Which is the better value?”

To us, it’s the headphones that last longer and give you a better listening experience.

an investment of time too

You work hard for your money. Why waste it buying headphones online without hearing if they sound good?

Make a small investment of your time by visiting our Classic Stereo showroom. Listen to all the best headphones and speakers. Watch the best TV’s and let us even tell you why a projection system might be a better investment.

Walk out of the showroom confident that you will love your purchase because you’ve already heard it and seen it in action.

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