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You have to admire the work Anthem puts into making perfect audio for your room. Does that sound familiar? Of course Classic Stereo offers a preamplifier with Anthem Room Correction. Pair it with a power amplifier that offers Total Harmonic Distrortion and you have optimum sound quality in your home. You can see both items in the Classic Stereo showroom.

AVM 60 with Anthem Room Correction

Few Preamplifiers-Processors provide the cutting-edge features of the Anthem AVM 60.

It offers a ton of features, including:

  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive audio
  • Support for UHD Blu-ray and 4K60 video

Yet its Anthem Room Correction feature truly leads the way.

The feature attempts to create audio perfect for your room.



No audio lab can predict the obstacles in your room. So the receiver comes with an easy to use kit. You just need a Windows-based laptop with a CD Drive.

  1. Plug the kit’s special microphone into the laptop and the AVM 60 receiver.
  2. Then place the microphone in 5-10 listening positions in the room.
  3. Let the software take a sound sample from each spot and work its magic.

It will create intricate crossover curves to account for the walls and furniture in your room. They strive to make your room sound like the ideal lab standard.


Anthem designed the MCA 525 power amplifier to match the AVM 60. Not only do their looks match; the power amplifier improves the audio.

The MCA 525 provides lower Total Harmonic Distortion for cleaner, pure sound and lower noise.

The new MCA series also boasts more efficient power and heavy-duty reliability.


Anthem and Classic Stereo share one common goal: provide the best audio for your home.

While they make the Anthem Room Correction Kit easy to use, we have a team of the best Electronic Integration technicians in the nation.

Call or visit our showroom to find out how they can help you enjoy audio and video perfect for your home.

Classic Stereo Showroom Grand Rapids

Classic Stereo McIntosh Event | October 27

Join us as we explore the entire McIntosh brand, and learn just why they have become a symbol for superior Hi-Fi Audio.


Event Details

Date: Thursday, October 27

Time: 4pm – 7pm

Location: Classic Stereo Showroom

6275 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546


Attending will be Bart Lopiccolo – Regional Sales Direcor for McIntosh

Bart and our entire team of Classic Stereo Sales Professionals will be available to answer any questions you have, and demo anything you would like to hear first hand!


McIntosh Sale

On Thursday, October 27, enjoy 10% off ALL McIntosh Items purchased!


McIntosh RS100giveaway item

One person who attends will receive a FREE McIntosh RS100 just for enjoying a short and sweet McIntosh demo!

The RS100 is a wireless speaker that allows you to easily add streaming music capabilities to any room in your home!

Simply connect the RS100 to your home Wi-Fi network, install the free Play-Fi Apple or Android mobile app or Windows Desktop app and you’re ready to stream music!

Retail value = $1,000