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A Box Suite At Home: Bringing The Stadium To You

Electronics 101 Projection Screen - TRUE 4K

It’s a dream for many sports fans. Sitting in the box suite at the big game, which is basically bringing the luxuries of home to the stadium.

That dream is out of reach for most us. However, we can bring the feel of being in the stadium right into your home. With how many games you watch at home each year, improving your in-home experience presents a much better value because you can enjoy it more often.


There is a more scientific reason why big screen TV’s make you feel like you are a part of the action. Bigger screens increase your eye movement which increases your engagement with what you are watching.

Our experts can help you secure the biggest TV’s, but you might be better off thinking about a projection system. A projector and screen can really maximize your space, but also disappear when you need it too.

Think you have to keep your room dark or lose picture quality when you get a projection screen? Think again.

Outdoor TV Blog showroom photo HDR TV


Many people know about 4K TV and how four times more pixels can improve your picture quality. However, HDR TV and screens with a Wide Color Gamut make a big difference too.

HDR TVs with a Wide Color Gamut can achieve a wider range of brightness, darkness and a wider arrangement of colors. If the color more closely resembles what you would see in real life, then the picture on your screen looks more like a window into your event.


There are people in Hollywood getting paid a lot of money and winning major awards for the sound they produce in a movie. Great sound makes you FEEL like you are experiencing the event.

When you are at the game, all of the sounds surround you. It’s not just a tinny sound in front of you. Sounds at a game have bass and hit you from every angle (including behind you and above you).

Classic Stereo has the best equipment for surround sound and the next level, Dolby Atmos. Experience Dolby Atmos sound when you visit the Reference Theater in our showroom.

Classic Stereo Reference Theater


We like to say that your viewing experience acts like a chain. Your home setup is only as good as its weakest link.

Too many people get a hodgepodge of equipment and then set it up wrong.

Average equipment set up perfectly is better than the best equipment without a plan.

Our installers are internationally-acclaimed for their work on Home Theaters, Media Rooms and more.

Let us make a plan with you to maximize your space and create a box suite experience in your home.

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