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Elite Of The Elite – Our Installers Become HTA Certified “Estate”

Electronic Integration - Bekins Home Theater Installation Electronic Repair HTA Certified

We have always known our electronics team is among the best in the world. However, it’s nice to hear it from industry experts as well. We are proud to announce that our Bekins installation team is now HTA Certified.

Who is hta certified?

The Home Technology Association (HTA) was created to identify the very best low-voltage contractors so that consumers can receive the best technology experience possible.

The HTA says only about 10 percent of companies in our industry achieve this distinction.

Our HTA Certification is proof that Bekins has received high scores
in the following three areas:

  1. Technical ability
  2. Customer Service
  3. Industry Reputation

best of the best

Bekins not only earned an HTA Certification, we earned their highest certification honor. Bekins is the only HTA Certified “Estate” company in West Michigan.

HTA Certified Estate companies typically specialize in the following:

  • Luxury homes of 10,000 square feet and up, often with multiple structures
  • Homes with complex or large-scale technology needs
  • Homes with world-class interior design and architecture
  • Homes with domestic staff
  • Homeowners who have multiple residences
  • Customized smart home / home automation systems
  • High-performance and ultra-high-performance home theater and home audio systems
  • Homeowners who expect a concierge-level customer service experience
  • Homeowners who understand that technology is integral to the operation of their home
  • Projects that take months or years complete
  • High levels of design, engineering documentation, and project planning
  • Highest level of system performance and craftsmanship
  • Projects with technology budgets of $250,000+
Bekins is now HTA Certified Estate
Bekins Installers Are Now HTA Certified

learn more about what bekins can do for you

A Gift For The Music Enthusiast: PX Headphones!

PX Gold Bowers and Wilkins Headphones - gift for the music enthusiast

We have discussed how the pros use Bowers & Wilkins speakers, so we find their PX Headphones to be a great Christmas gift for the music enthusiast.

They also come at a great price. You can get the PX headphones at Classic Stereo for about half the cost of their P9 Signature series.


Your listening experience not only becomes better with Bowers & Wilkins, but also easier.

Want to turn them on? Just put them on!

No need to turn them off either, just take them off and the headphones return to standby mode with 22 hours of battery life.

Lift an earcup to talk or hang it round your neck and it pauses the music, resuming playback when you are ready to listen.

Their built-in sensors respond to the way you naturally use a set of headphones!

PX Headphones Bowers and Wilkins Gold and Grey


PX offers three environment filters and the ability to fine tune it yourself. Use the flight, city or office settings and even choose your own level of voice pass through.

The Bowers & Wilkins noise cancelling signal has been “painstakingly refined” to block out the ambient sound without affecting the listening experience.

Sound like a good gift for the music enthusiast in your life? TRY THEM!

Visit our Sound Desk, put on the new PX headphones and listen to your favorite music! Talk to our experts and compare them to other headphones. We want you to test them all so that you can be thrilled with your purchase.

stereo repair - Classic Stereo system fix

Think Beyond The Game With A Sony TV For Your Gamer

Sony TV for gaming

How many of us have a gamer on our Christmas list this year? You can buy them the latest game, or take their whole gaming experience to the next level with a new Sony TV.

Why a sony tv?

At Classic Stereo and Bekins, we strive to carry only the best quality products. Why do we choose Sony? The company works in every facet of the process.

Sony developed the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro. The developers use a Sony television to perfect the images, so experiencing the game on a Sony 4K HDR TV means your gamer sees it the way the developer intended.

Their new X-1 Extreme processors means you will likely see a clearer, better and more responsive picture than your current television.

Not just for gaming

Sony also develops the cameras that shoot movies, shows and sports around the world. Sony Pictures Entertainment uses Sony’s best televisions to finely tune their movies and shows, so you will also see movies, shows and sporting events the way they were meant to be seen.

Sony TV for movies

added bonus

Some of the ones you can test in our showroom are a Smart TV, have an acoustic surface and work with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Sony TV and Alexa

see your next sony tv in our showroom

Outdoor TV Blog showroom photo HDR TV

Bekins Wins BBB Torch Award For Ethics

BBB Torch Award For Ethics

Bekins and Classic Stereo have received 21 national and international honors for excellence throughout the years, but today Bekins received a unique honor. Bekins won a BBB Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan.

We were one of six local companies to receive the honor during an awards ceremony at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids.

BBB Torch Award For Ethics

what is the bbb torch award for ethics?

The BBB Torch Awards For Ethics (previously known as the Integrity Awards) recognize West Michigan businesses and non-profits who display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity. These organizations generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers and their communities.

about bekins & Classic Stereo

Bekins, which owns Classic Stereo, has state-of-the-art, interactive showrooms in Grand Haven and Grand Rapids.

The service company sells, installs and services appliances and electronics across West Michigan. Serving the community since 1975, Bekins takes pride in challenging industry trends to make a positive impact in the lives of their employees, their families, their customers and the community. Bekins helps the community each year by recycling more than 90 percent of all waste, and donating more than 10 percent of their profits to local charities.

Thermador Coffee Web Photo
Oven Repair Thermador
Bekins Integration Best In Michigan - a full service company

Upgrading Technology In A Local Home

LiteTouch to Lutron with Bekins and Classic Stereo upgrading technology

Our team excels at upgrading technology in your home. One of our Electronics Integration Project Managers shared a video with us recently.  It shows his team changing out the control rack in a local home.

upgrading technology

This home once featured an older distributed audio system and local video. Now it will have both distributed video and audio controlled by Crestron.

What does that mean?

It means the homeowners can control all of the speakers and televisions in their home through a remote, a tablet or a smart phone.

It also means fewer cable boxes and a very clean look with the TV mounted on the wall.

All of the electronics in their home funnel back to this control rack in the closet.


You don’t have to build a new house to enjoy a clean, wireless look to your home. Visit our showroom or contact our experts to see how our internationally-acclaimed team can upgrade the technology in your home.

Electronics 101 AV Receiver Feature Image upgrading technology

Experience Lutron Lighting Control During The Parade Of Homes

Lutron lighting control by Bekins and Classic Stereo was on display in East Grand Rapids during the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes.

J. Peterson Homes renovated a mid-century, modern home, which features many products from Classic Stereo and Bekins:

  • Sony televisions
  • Sonos soundbars and speakers
  • Lighting control by Lutron
  • Miele Appliances (including a coffee system and combi-steam oven)
  • A Hestan grill and outdoor refrigerator


Test Lutron lighting control, Sony televisions, Sonos speakers and much more in our state-of-the-art, interactive showroom.

Outdoor TV Blog showroom photo HDR TV

Pro Audio In Your Home – Bowers & Wilkins

High-performance audio in the home

Remember when we jumped from Standard Definition to High Definition Television? Has anyone now seen native 4K video on a 4K TV? Almost everyone knows about the drastic improvements in video, however, a generation that grew up listening to music in ear buds has no idea how much they are missing in the world of high-performance audio. The same goes for people who shop for speakers at a big box store, or who have not upgraded their speakers in years.

We have seen some powerful reactions when those people visit the Classic Stereo showroom to hear the best brands in audio. One of the best examples is Bowers and Wilkins.


The Bowers and Wilkins speakers in our showroom are the same speakers used in Abbey Road Studios and Skywalker Sound. That means the people who produce music for popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Adele use the same speakers as a reference. Skywalker Sound uses the speakers to produce audio for blockbuster movies like Incredibles 2 and Black Panther.

While top industry professionals use Bowers and Wilkins for reference speakers, the company designed them for your home.

High-Performance Audio - Bowers and Wilkins


Hear the difference for yourself. Bring in your favorite song to hear how it sounds with high-performance audio. Customers have brought in songs they’ve enjoyed their entire life and leave blown away by the sound. They say they did not realize how much detail they missed.

Classic Stereo Showroom

IN THE COMMUNITY – Delivering Donated Appliances

Bekins employee delivers donated appliances


For more than 25 years, Bob Beerens has been instrumental in helping our Electronics Integration team earn 18 national and international honors. Bob works as the Project Manager for our Electronics Integration team so he does not work with appliances for Bekins. In his spare time though, Bob volunteers picking up and delivering donated appliances for local people in need.

First Christian Reformed Church in Grand Haven works with Love In Action for what they call their “Appliance Ministry.” They accept donations of used appliances and give them to people who cannot afford new ones. In 2017 alone, the Appliance Ministry delivered 78 appliances.

Bob donates his time after work once per month for about two to four hours. He has been volunteering with the Appliance Ministry for the last 10 years.

As a Project Manager for our Electronics Integration team, Bob gets the unique opportunity to see the very best homes in West Michigan. As a volunteer for the Appliance Ministry, he also sees homes that don’t even have a door for their bathroom.

“It makes you feel extremely appreciative for what you have,” Bob said. “You would be amazed at how meager the living conditions can be for some people in our community.”

Bob delivering donated appliances


If you are interested in donating used appliances that still work or if you are in need of donated appliances contact Love In Action. You can call them at 616-846-2701 or click here to visit their website. If you would like to volunteer with the Appliance Ministry, contact First Christian Reformed Church. You can call the church at 616-842-6370 or click here to visit their website.

Smart Lights – Local Homes Use Automated Lighting From Classic Stereo

smart lights in local homes

If you think about your daily life, you likely pay for convenience. You have a smart phone, a smart TV, but what about smart lights?

It especially helps when you have multiple stories to your home. When you want to go to bed but can’t remember if you turned off all the lights? Hit the “Goodnight” button. That not only saves you time, it saves you energy and can even reduce your electricity bill.

The pictures below offer recent examples of West Michigan homes with Lutron lighting control installed by Bekins.

The homeowners chose to automate their home with Crestron. So they can control their entire home, including the Lutron lights and shades, through their iPad. However, they also have the option to turn lights on or off and even set “scenes” with a discreet control panel on the wall. As you can see with the pictures below, the panel blends in well with the home.

smart lights
Motorized Shades in a West Michigan smart home. Installed by Bekins and Classic Stereo

test lutron lighting controls in our showroom

We use Lutron panels and Crestron automation in our showroom. Visit our showroom and let our experts show how it can make your life easier. There is nothing quite like seeing home automation in action.