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The Story of JBL

JBL’s story begins in 1927 when James Bullough Lansing opened Lansing Manufacturing, a company which built 6” and 8” cones for radio sets and consoles. In 1928, MGM commissions Lansing to design high-fidelity speakers for the ‘Shearer’ audio systems, to be used in the movie The Jazz Singer. This ushers in the cinematic sound era. Since its early days, JBL speakers have been known for their strong, quality sound, loved for in home use and cinematic applications equally.

Product Lineup

A full range of speakers and equipment, from home audio and wireless speakers to car, marine and professional speaker applications.


  • 1958: JBL is awarded a citation by the Audio Engineering Society for the success of the Paragon stereophonic speaker.
  • 1960: JBL convinces Capital Records to use JBL D50 monitors in their studios
  • 1969: Harman acquires JBL
  • 1976: JBL monitors are ranked #1 in US recording industry survey.
  • 1984: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selects JBL components for the new audio system in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater.
  • 1989: Directors Guild of America Selects JBL units for theaters inside their new Hollywood headquarters.
  • 1992: JBL Synthesis is introduced as the first completely equalized, processed, powered THX home media system.