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The Story of Marantz

Marantz began in New York City in 1953 when Saul Marantz introduced his Consolette Pre-Amp. A sister company of Denon under D&M Holdings, today Marantz continues its quest for perfect sound reproduction under the mantra “music matters”. This mantra is still reflected by the quality of its players and receivers, which are much loved in the hi-fi community.

Product Lineup

  • A/V Separates & Receivers (including Dolby Atmos products)
  • Hi-Fi Separates
  • Media Players


  • HDAM – Marantz’s own circuit boards consist of discrete mount components with short mirror image L/R signal paths.
  • Atmos Surround Sound encoding.
  • Auro 3D ready.
  • 1958 – Marantz created the Model 7, a true stereo pre-amp.
  • 1960 – NASA decides that a modified version of Marantz Amp is stable enough to use as part of the Apollo Space Program.