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The Story of Mark Levinson

Mark Levinson Audio Systems Ltd. was founded in Woodbridge, CT by Mark Levinson in 1972. The legendary audio pioneer Dick Burwen was Levinson’s first electronics mentor and helped Levinson start the company with the iconic LNP-2 PreAmp. With unerring commitment to quality sound reproduction, Mark Levinson essentially created the ‘elevated performance’ category identified as “Hi-End” audio.

Product Lineup

  • Stereo Pre-amps
  • Amplifiers
  • Integrated Amps


  • Mark Levinson establishes the category of Hi-End Audio, with its LNP-2, a low-noise solid state preamp which exceeded the performance of tube electronics.
  • In 1977: ML-2 becomes a reference amp for the brand.
  • In 1980, a partnership with Madrigal Audio Labs brings N020 Monaural Power Amp, N026 PreAmp, and the N030 reference DAC.
  • Proudly designed and crafted in USA.