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The Story of McIntosh

Founded in Silver Springs, Maryland in 1949 by Frank McIntosh & Gordon Gow, McIntosh has reached legendary status in the audio community. The initial duo, driven by scientific research, challenged what was believed possible with their famed “Unity Coupled Circuit”. In 1957 McIntosh introduced their first AM/FM tuner, which established them as a leader in tuners. Today, McIntosh continues to hold to the highest standards of detail, longevity and sound engineering, giving this brand a cult following among audio enthusiasts.

Product Lineup

  • Amps
  • PreAmps
  • Headphones
  • Receivers
  • Media Players
  • Turn Tables
  • Speakers
  • Cables
  • Integrated Amps
  • Tuners


  • 1969 McIntosh amps power Woodstock.
  • 1974 The Grateful Dead unveil the “Wall of Sound” – a 28,800 watt amplified wall of McIntosh speakers and amps.
  • 1977 Frank McIntosh retires and Gordon Gow takes over.
  • Even the earliest issued components are still working today, and are still repairable when needed.
  • McIntosh’s distinctive tube amps are still manufactured and included in many products.
  • McIntosh has a longstanding reputation as being a symbol for superior hi-fi audio components.