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about svs

Based in Youngstown, Ohio, SVS speakers and subwoofers refute the notion that exceptional sound quality has to be overly expensive.

The company is redefining performance for the price through a mix of design innovation, exhaustive lab and real-world acoustic testing, and most importantly, the team’s personal drive for audio excellence with every new speaker and subwoofer.

They offer reference-grade speakers with superb refinement, stunning dynamics and sonic transparency. Their acclaimed subwoofers provide subterranean deep bass extension, massive output, and unerring accuracy. Their products guarantee a thrilling and immersive audio experience every time.

SVS Subwoofers


At Classic Stereo, we pride ourselves on offering the best and most innovative audio products. SVS is not only endorsed by our audio experts, but is seen as the gold standard by international experts like CNET.

However, to get world class performance from any audio equipment you need to consult the experts. Our team installs it correctly and designs your room to let their products perform their best.

SVS 4000 SB 4000 Photo

subwoofers receive rave reviews

Inernational audio experts like CNET praise the 4000 series subwoofers.