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Custom Electronics Home Automation

We believe in the power of home automation. Not only do we offer Crestron and other home automation services to our customers, their systems controls many of the lights and electronics in our Classic Stereo  and Bekins showrooms.

Yet, if you know someone that still needs some convincing, Crestron recently released 10 reasons to automate your home’s lighting and shades with their technology.


  • CONVENIENCE: This one seems obvious, but we cannot stress the benefits enough. The push of one button controls the lights and the shades. You can do even the electronics, garage doors, locks and everything you can imagine (maybe even some you can’t imagine).
  • COMFORT: What if you could replace the beeping of your alarm with a raise of the curtains? Think about waking up to natural sunlight. If you need to get up in the middle of the night, set your lights to turn on as you walk down the hall.
Classic Stereo Speaker Room
  • AESTHETICS: You can replace clusters of wall switches and dimmers all over your home and replace them with stylish touchscreens, keypads or back lit engraved buttons. Get rid of cords hanging from your shades and take advantage of Creston’s new color matching service. Get shades in any shade of color you need to perfectly match your home’s decor.
  • SECURITY: Discourage potential intruders by setting your lights and curtains to change at certain times. Did you hear a noise in the middle of the night? Turn on all of your home’s interior and exterior lights with one touch of a button.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Crestron shades provide insulation for the heat and cold.  Yet, think about how much money you save when your automation can change the lights and the shades based on:
    • time of day
    • room temperature
    • season (winter, spring, summer fall)
    • the light in the room
    • how many people occupy the room
  • UV PROTECTION: Automate those same shades to raise and lower around the house depending on the position of the sun. The automation aims to block harmful UV rays, but still make the most of natural lighting in your home.
  • ARTISANAL LUXURY: Ask our Electronics Professionals about the Hartman & Forbes Collection. The design works best for “individuals who appreciate the benefits of handcrafted products created by artisans with a meticulous eye for detail.”
  • EASY UPGRADES: You can easily upgrade from a Crestron manual shade to a motorized one.  Our award-winning Electronic Integration team can slide a new motor in. Then add that shade to your automation system.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Ask our Electronics Professionals for more information about Crestron’s Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential lighting control and shade motors.
  • COMPLETE HOME AUTOMATION: You can automate your audio, video, security, heating, cooling and so much more through Crestron. Have anything else you want to automate? Our Electronics Integrators have likely already done it at another home.
Home Automation Touch Panel Example


We use home automation in our showroom. We have voice automated controls in our Den. So visit us to see it in action. Learn more about how it can ease your day to day stress and even save your energy bills.

Home Automation Classic Stereo Den


Classic-Stereo-Home Theater

We dare you to find a better Home Theater experience than our Reference Theater in Classic Stereo. Our theater includes the best brands:

  • Salamander Seating
  • acoustic mapping with Kinetics
  • Seymour Screens
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • and more

If you have not seen the theater, watch the video below. Then, visit our Classic Stereo showroom because it is an experience that no video or words can truly describe.


Hidden Installation The Den

When you work with Classic Stereo by Bekins, your room can transform at the bush of a button. You can even change a room with the sound of your voice! See hidden installation firsthand in the Den at the Classic Stereo showroom.

Can’t make it into our showroom? Let Electronics Professional John Higgs show you just a taste of what our Electronics Integration team can do for your home.