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Elite Of The Elite – Our Installers Become HTA Certified “Estate”

Electronic Integration - Bekins Home Theater Installation Electronic Repair HTA Certified

We have always known our electronics team is among the best in the world. However, it’s nice to hear it from industry experts as well. We are proud to announce that our Bekins installation team is now HTA Certified.

Who is hta certified?

The Home Technology Association (HTA) was created to identify the very best low-voltage contractors so that consumers can receive the best technology experience possible.

The HTA says only about 10 percent of companies in our industry achieve this distinction.

Our HTA Certification is proof that Bekins has received high scores
in the following three areas:

  1. Technical ability
  2. Customer Service
  3. Industry Reputation

best of the best

Bekins not only earned an HTA Certification, we earned their highest certification honor. Bekins is the only HTA Certified “Estate” company in West Michigan.

HTA Certified Estate companies typically specialize in the following:

  • Luxury homes of 10,000 square feet and up, often with multiple structures
  • Homes with complex or large-scale technology needs
  • Homes with world-class interior design and architecture
  • Homes with domestic staff
  • Homeowners who have multiple residences
  • Customized smart home / home automation systems
  • High-performance and ultra-high-performance home theater and home audio systems
  • Homeowners who expect a concierge-level customer service experience
  • Homeowners who understand that technology is integral to the operation of their home
  • Projects that take months or years complete
  • High levels of design, engineering documentation, and project planning
  • Highest level of system performance and craftsmanship
  • Projects with technology budgets of $250,000+
Bekins is now HTA Certified Estate
Bekins Installers Are Now HTA Certified

learn more about what bekins can do for you

Upgrading Technology In A Local Home

LiteTouch to Lutron with Bekins and Classic Stereo upgrading technology

Our team excels at upgrading technology in your home. One of our Electronics Integration Project Managers shared a video with us recently.  It shows his team changing out the control rack in a local home.

upgrading technology

This home once featured an older distributed audio system and local video. Now it will have both distributed video and audio controlled by Crestron.

What does that mean?

It means the homeowners can control all of the speakers and televisions in their home through a remote, a tablet or a smart phone.

It also means fewer cable boxes and a very clean look with the TV mounted on the wall.

All of the electronics in their home funnel back to this control rack in the closet.


You don’t have to build a new house to enjoy a clean, wireless look to your home. Visit our showroom or contact our experts to see how our internationally-acclaimed team can upgrade the technology in your home.

Electronics 101 AV Receiver Feature Image upgrading technology

Smart Lights – Local Homes Use Automated Lighting From Classic Stereo

smart lights in local homes

If you think about your daily life, you likely pay for convenience. You have a smart phone, a smart TV, but what about smart lights?

It especially helps when you have multiple stories to your home. When you want to go to bed but can’t remember if you turned off all the lights? Hit the “Goodnight” button. That not only saves you time, it saves you energy and can even reduce your electricity bill.

The pictures below offer recent examples of West Michigan homes with Lutron lighting control installed by Bekins.

The homeowners chose to automate their home with Crestron. So they can control their entire home, including the Lutron lights and shades, through their iPad. However, they also have the option to turn lights on or off and even set “scenes” with a discreet control panel on the wall. As you can see with the pictures below, the panel blends in well with the home.

smart lights
Motorized Shades in a West Michigan smart home. Installed by Bekins and Classic Stereo

test lutron lighting controls in our showroom

We use Lutron panels and Crestron automation in our showroom. Visit our showroom and let our experts show how it can make your life easier. There is nothing quite like seeing home automation in action.

Our installers earn international acclaim for work with local smart home

Our Electronics Integration team has earned international acclaim for integrating a local smart home. CEDIA, the leading global authority in the home technology industry, named Bekins a finalist for Best Integrated Home. CEDIA will announce the winner during their awards show in September.

Classic Stereo uses Bekins for installation and integration. Bekins is the only company in the state of Michigan to be listed as a Home Technology Professional Award finalist this year. This marks the 14th time CEDIA has recognized our Electronics Integration team for their work.


local smart home

Our team designed and installed full-home control for a three-floor house with an attached barn along the dunes of Lake Michigan. Full-home control here meant:

  • whole-home audio
  • robust WiFi and cellular network services
  • automated shades
  • total-coverage RF remote controls in every room
  • automated lighting control
  • televisions
  • touchpads
  • keypads


When you have three floors and an attached barn, automated lighting control provides tremendous convenience. Turn all of your lights on or off with one touch. You can also set scenes to accommodate your needs.

For a home that has no protection from the sun, automated shades help control the temperature. In addition, they help protect your home’s carpet and furniture from sun damage.


Classic Stereo Showroom Grand Rapids

LiteTouch Repair – A simple switch to Lutron

Transitioning from LiteTouch to Lutron with Classic Stereo and Bekins


At Classic Stereo and Bekins, we provide our customers with solutions, including people who are left without support from LiteTouch. We recently helped a West Michigan home easily transition to Lutron.

Savant bought LiteTouch in 2012, then stopped selling all products related to hardwired lighting. That means no more support for homeowners who use it.

That is why our technicians recently visited a West Michigan home built in the mid 1990s. Several of their keypads stopped working.

Our technicians provided solutions with the help of Lutron. They did not need to open up any walls, instead our technicians used the wiring already in the home.

Lutron provides keypads, processors and dimi modules specifically designed to upgrade LiteTouch homes.

In conclusion, the homeowners loved the system repair. They upgraded their 20-year old home lighting control system to include more functions plus the option to control it from an iPad.


Test examples of lighting control and many of the other features Lutron provides by visiting our showroom. Our Electronics Professionals provide solutions to customers every day.

Chief TV mounts provide clean look to West Olive home

Chief TV mounts in West Olive

Using Bekins and Classic Stereo for electronics from the very start of a home building process allows you the chance to show a clean and customized look. Thoughtfully designed and executed by the visionaries at Mike Schaap Builders and Benchmark Design Studio, a new home in West Olive uses Chief TV mounts and other features installed by Bekins to hide wires from view.


Chief TV mounts in West Olive
Chief TV mounts in West Olive
Chief TV mounts in West Olive


Outdoor TV Blog showroom photo HDR TV

Leaders in custom electronics

Custom Electronics Leaders - Classic Stereo and Bekins

CE Pro ranked the top 100 custom electronics integrators in the United States. Bekins, which also owns Classic Stereo, ranked 46th in the nation. The locally-owned appliance and electronics company was also the highest-ranked business with headquarters in Michigan.

another honor for our custom electronics team

It’s another great honor for our custom electronics integration team. Our installers have earned international acclaim for designing, installing and integrating award-winning:

  • Home Theaters
  • Media Rooms
  • Hidden Installation
  • And more
Custom Electronics

Our state-of-the-art, interactive showroom in Grand Rapids allows customers to try out the best TVs, speakers, home theater, electronic shades, lighting control systems and more.

Bekins has the most CEDIA-Certified Professionals in the state. Our local CEDIA-Certified Designers, Technicians and Networking Specialists work from the Bekins Service Center and Warehouse in Coopersville, but service all of West Michigan.

Our staff not only sells, installs and integrates electronics; they also offer local support after the installation.

more about our custom electronics

Classic Stereo System Fix

STEREO SYSTEM REPAIR: The case of the missing electronics

Stereo system repair

At Classic Stereo, we fix a lot of audio and video systems around West Michigan. Electronics Professional Bill Price recently visited a home with new owners who were looking for stereo system repair services. When the the people who built the home moved out, they left their video projector and screen along with in-ceiling speakers. However, they took all of the other electronics with them.

The new homeowners went to a big-box store to buy a receiver, a subwoofer and a center-channel speaker. They still used the in-ceiling speakers to create a surround-sound system and a second zone of audio. The purchases enabled some of their system to work but not all of it.

When the homeowners called our Electronics Professional a couple of years later, he visited the home and got the system to work again.  He also showed them other features they did not even know they could use.

Challenging Industry Trends


Here’s what you miss by going to a big box store: service! Not only the exceptional customer service that Bill offered these homeowners but also service after the sale. When you work with Classic Stereo, you get the internationally-acclaimed Bekins electronics integration team as well. The largest, most experienced team of integrators can not only install equipment, they can help you keep it running smoothly.

Classic Stereo System Fix


Are you settling for less than the best from your video, audio, lighting, shades and more? Visit our showroom to find out what our experts can do for you.

TV Wall Mounts Help Shelbyville Home Keep Clean Look

TV Wall Mounts Blog Feature Image

With TVs and an audio system bought at Classic Stereo and installed by the internationally-acclaimed Bekins electronic integration team, this home in Shelbyville shows a clean look to your home’s electronics. TV wall mounts and other mounts help eliminate any cord clutter eyesores.

TV Wall Mounts Help Avoid Cord Clutter

You have probably seen it. The TV mounted on a wall with no outlet behind it, so you also see the cord running below it to reach the plug.

You may have also seen the big entertainment system with a pile of wires stacked behind it.

When you work with Classic Stereo, we help you form a plan to avoid those eyesores and safety hazards.

TV wall mounts - cord clutter
This is certainly not the worst case of cord clutter, but also not what you want to see either.

This home in Shelbyville features Sonos Soundbars mounted to Samsung and Sony televisions. The homeowners planned ahead with the mounting so the electrical outlets were placed higher on the wall and the cable cords were run next to them.

So when you see the TV’s around the home, you do not see:

  • a bulky entertainment center
  • any boxes
  • any DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays
  • or any out of place cords
TV wall mounts
Speakers mounted
tv wall mounts


When it comes to mounting or even hiding your television, we have numerous options.

Visit our showroom just to see a few, and talk with our experts how to make sure your electronics do not clutter your home.

Classic Stereo Showroom

Motorized shades protect beautiful Lake Michigan home

Motorized Shades in a West Michigan smart home. Installed by Bekins and Classic Stereo

Any home that looks out over the beautiful dunes along the Lake Michigan shoreline will obviously use large windows to maximize the view. However, large amounts of sun can fade your carpet and furniture inside the home. Our Electronics Integration team recently completed a project that shows many of the ways we can improve your home. It especially displays the importance of motorized shades to protect your carpet and furniture from the sun.

This home features Lutron shades that can also be controlled by Crestron automation. The homeowners control their shades through a dedicated panel on the wall or a tablet, like an iPad.


Our Bekins project managers say they have seen homes really affected by the sun. One project manager described a home that had a bleach-white rug. He thought that was the color they chose, until someone moved a table to reveal its original color.

Luckily this smart home along the shores of West Michigan has not suffered any ill effects from sun’s UV rays. With no trees, or really anything to protect it from the sun, our team immediately noticed the importance of motorized shades.



With dunes between the home and Lake Michigan, this West Michigan smart home built its first three floors to support the top floor. The fourth floor houses the most square footage because it hosts the best view, looking out over the dunes and the lake.

Other spots in the home had shades mounted either above or inside the window. However, mounting inside the window blocks a small portion of the view.

The shades on the fourth floor were incorporated into the crown molding, so you can’t see them until they drop down. This option does not take away a single inch of the beautiful view.

We offer blackout shades that completely block out the sun. However, the top floor features sheer shades. This option allows you to still see the shoreline a little, but it still protects the furniture and carpet.

We also offer an option to have both sheer and blackout shades on the same window.

Lakeview living room with motorized shades up.
Lakeview living room with motorized shades up.
Lakeview living room with motorized shades down.
Lakeview living room with motorized shades down.


Do you know a great way to see sheer and blackout shades work together? Visit The Den in our showroom. That is one of many motorized shades you can test. Talk to our experts about Lutron as well, they offer a variety of styles to fit almost every home and decor.

what can our internationally-acclaimed electronics team do for your home?