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LiteTouch Repair – A simple switch to Lutron

Transitioning from LiteTouch to Lutron with Classic Stereo and Bekins


At Classic Stereo and Bekins, we provide our customers with solutions, including people who are left without support from LiteTouch. We recently helped a West Michigan home easily transition to Lutron.

Savant bought LiteTouch in 2012, then stopped selling all products related to hardwired lighting. That means no more support for homeowners who use it.

That is why our technicians recently visited a West Michigan home built in the mid 1990s. Several of their keypads stopped working.

Our technicians provided solutions with the help of Lutron. They did not need to open up any walls, instead our technicians used the wiring already in the home.

Lutron provides keypads, processors and dimi modules specifically designed to upgrade LiteTouch homes.

In conclusion, the homeowners loved the system repair. They upgraded their 20-year old home lighting control system to include more functions plus the option to control it from an iPad.


Test examples of lighting control and many of the other features Lutron provides by visiting our showroom. Our Electronics Professionals provide solutions to customers every day.

STEREO SYSTEM REPAIR: The case of the missing electronics

Stereo system repair

At Classic Stereo, we fix a lot of audio and video systems around West Michigan. Electronics Professional Bill Price recently visited a home with new owners who were looking for stereo system repair services. When the the people who built the home moved out, they left their video projector and screen along with in-ceiling speakers. However, they took all of the other electronics with them.

The new homeowners went to a big-box store to buy a receiver, a subwoofer and a center-channel speaker. They still used the in-ceiling speakers to create a surround-sound system and a second zone of audio. The purchases enabled some of their system to work but not all of it.

When the homeowners called our Electronics Professional a couple of years later, he visited the home and got the system to work again.  He also showed them other features they did not even know they could use.

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Here’s what you miss by going to a big box store: service! Not only the exceptional customer service that Bill offered these homeowners but also service after the sale. When you work with Classic Stereo, you get the internationally-acclaimed Bekins electronics integration team as well. The largest, most experienced team of integrators can not only install equipment, they can help you keep it running smoothly.

Classic Stereo System Fix


Are you settling for less than the best from your video, audio, lighting, shades and more? Visit our showroom to find out what our experts can do for you.

Classic Stereo System Fix: Upgrading Technology

CE Pro honor in home education Home Automation

We had a customer recently stop by our showroom who needed a video and stereo system fix. They have a system that Classic Stereo installed about 20 years ago. The home has changed owners twice since then. The last homeowner didn’t use the system, so the new homeowner needs help figuring out how to get it working again.


Classic Stereo System Fix

The home has wiring to speakers in every room. However, they were controlled by a keypad in the wall that could operate the tuner or the CD player, and control the volume up and down, even let you pick your zone.

Not many people use those anymore.

Electronics Professional John Higgs offered a solution that allowed them to run their stereo system through a tablet.

“The infrastructure was there, ” Higgs said. “We just needed to update the technology.”

The homeowner was thrilled with the solution.

“They didn’t even know what they had available to them,” Higgs said. “Now they are asking about what else is possible. Can we put speakers in the sun room? Can we put speakers out by the pool?”

The answer is, “Yes we can!”

Classic Stereo can easily upgrade the speakers too.


It’s a common conversation in our showroom. If you have any electronics or systems that are not performing the way you want, give us a call or stop by our showroom.  We enjoy offering solutions.

We can also let you know what has improved since your last purchase. You may not even know what you’re missing.

Classic Stereo Showroom


Electronic Integration - Bekins Home Theater Installation Electronic Repair HTA Certified

Need an electronic repair? If you have a system that is not working right…who do you call? If you are reading this blog, we hope you know to call Classic Stereo!  Nothing can be more disappointing then failing technology.

Here are just a few issues that we would love to hear about:

  • I have in-ceiling speakers that stopped working.
  • How can I listen to music from my phone in the garage?
  • We have an irreplaceable DVD that we want to watch again, but our system can’t do it.
  • I want to add a turntable to my system, how do I do it?
  • My electronic shades stopped working.
  • One of my security cameras stopped working.
  • My projector stopped coming out of the ceiling.
  • My motorized screen doesn’t go back up into the ceiling.
  • Anything that is not working properly…give us a call.


We have the largest and most experienced team of electronics experts. Not only can we perform electronic repair, but they can also teach you how to use your system to its fullest capabilities.

CE Pro honor in home education Home Automation
Classic Stereo System Fix
Electronic Instegration - Bekins installing a security camera