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System Controls and Automation

Get the automation expertise to rule your domain.

Are you ready to simplify life by automating your home’s electronics systems? Whether you’d like to build and install a whole house audio system, run your home energy systems from a single control or build an automatic daylight harvesting system with motorized shades, our team has the brands, the expertise and the service you need to build systems that will last.

Backed by a team of award-winning home A/V designers and installation experts, Classic Stereo can design, install and integrate your dream system.

Get the products that will last, and the service that will leave you in awe of what your newly automated home can do. Visit us, and begin designing your dream home system.

Stereo System Design & Engineering

Get the connections, DACs, amps, stereos and integration equipment that lets you play your music where you like, the way you like to hear it.

Already know what you want? Come browse our industry leading brands; build a digital streaming paradise with Heos, and play audio the way you’ve always wanted with McIntosh.

Not sure where to start? Bring your questions and music libraries in to our Sound Desk, and we’ll help you engineer the stereo system that’s right for you.

Control Systems

Our sister company, Bekins, has been winning awards for system integration and controls since 2007. When it comes to building control systems for home electronics integration, no one has better brands, service and professionalism than our crew.

From lighting control to whole home audio systems, we can help you automate and control your home.

Lighting Control

Integrating your home’s lighting controls to a central, automated system can reduce energy costs, making your home not only more responsive to your living needs, but also friendlier to the environment. Whether you’re in the market for basic lighting control or a centralized energy, audio and lighting control system, our experts can help.

Motorized Shades

Yes, we have motorized shades! While perfect for managing lighting in home theaters, motorized shades also offer energy saving and convenience. Did you know that pre-programming motorized window shades can save as much as 10-30% on heating and cooling costs? Automating window shades according to the sun’s cycles and time of year is a technique called “daylight harvesting”. Automated shades can also prevent UV damage, protect privacy in certain rooms while showcasing others – the list is endless.

Ask our Classic Stereo team how motorized shades can make your home smarter.

We carry control system automation products from the following manufacturers:



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